Reduce the Need for Carpet Cleaning With These 3 Great Ideas

From dirt to mud, grease to stains, your soft surfacing can experience a lot of mess and damage with everything that happens in day-to-day life. Though you may not always be able to control your crazy toddlers or stubborn pet, there are indeed several habits you can adopt that will significantly reduce the need for hiring carpet cleaners so often. At Loudoun Valley Floors, we’re dedicated to bringing you excellent tips to make caring for your soft surfacing all that much easier. As such, our Purcellville, VA showroom professionals have come up with these 3 helpful suggestions to keep outside gunk off your precious fibers.

1. Use a Welcome Mat Outside Every Door

Outside every door to the home, there should be a nice, big welcome mat to catch whatever dirt, grease or yucky stuff is on your shoes. The thicker the mat, the better, since this helps to absorb and keep substances from tracking inside.

2. Adopt a ‘No Shoes’ Policy for Your Home

For some people, taking their shoes off when they enter the home is commonplace. For others, however, it isn’t so straightforward, possibly due to their customs or upbringing. Regardless, since this is your house and your rules, we strongly recommend you adopt a strict ‘No Shoes’ policy and stick to it. To make this policy run smoothly, you may want to consider two additional things: Slippers and indoor mats or trays. When slippers are readily available for guests, they understand that your house rules are just that: House rules. Also, it gives them two options, where they can either walk barefoot or use the slippers. As for the indoor mats or trays, these allow people to place their shoes somewhere that won’t affect the soft surfacing at the entrance of the house.

3. Use Only One Door for Entry Into Your Home

As surprising as it may sound, using only one door minimizes a considerable amount of tracked-in terrain. With this approach, you just have one entryway to clean, which also means less work to do.

Whether you’re wondering about carpet cleaning in Ashburn, VA, or carpet cleaning in Purcellville, VA, there’s one main issue you’ll always need to address, and that’s the need to hire professionals at least 1-2 times a year for a thorough shampooing to keep that surfacing in tip-top shape!

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