Ceramic Tile Cleaning
Professional Cleaning Removes Years of Build Up

Loudoun Carpet Care can care for your hard-surface flooring. We offer on-site cleaning and grout sealing services for tile and porous flooring, like slate, stone, travertine and limestone. We also strip and polish commercial vinyl tile.

Tile and grout can pick up and hold stains and dirt over time. Often, you can’t see the difference until one area is professionally cleaned and restored to the original finish and color. Mopping, steaming and hand scrubbing remove surface debris but professional cleaning goes deeper, removing years of build up and stains from grout and crevices. Plus, we professionally seal the grout after the cleaning to preserve the clean appearance. 

  • tile-cleaning-prep
  • grout-cleaning
    Hand scrub grout
  • orbital-tile-cleaner
    Buffer - Cleaning with detergent
  • hydro-force-tile-cleaner
    Rinsing with Hydroforce

We recommend annual cleaning of tile floors in residential spaces and can consult with you for regular cleaning of commercial floors. Just like our carpet care, you’ll see the difference professional cleaning can make. 

We provide on-site services for hard-surface cleaning in homes, offices, vacation properties and in vehicles in the DC-Metro area.


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