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I am so impressed by Loudoun Carpet Care! First Keith came out and gave me an estimate for stretching and cleaning my carpet. I wasn’t sure who had installed the carpet years before, but he informed me that the stretching would be free if I had purchased it from him. I told him I would check through my records. Amazingly, he called me back that afternoon to let me know that they had not installed it. The stretchers came and were very polite, professional and did a great job. The cleaners were to arrive as soon as they finished. As the stretchers were finishing up, I got a phone call and had to leave within the next two hours to go out-of-town for a few days. They were SO gracious and let me reschedule for the end of the week. The cleaners were also prompt, polite and professional. In all I must have had contact with 6 or 7 different employees and every one of them was pleasant, helpful and top-notch! My carpets look great AND they gave me a big unexpected discount on the stretching! Can’t recommend this company highly enough.

Stacey W.

Bud at Loudoun Carpet Care did a wonderful job cleaning my carpets. The carpet on the stairs was especially difficult to clean and Bud spent extra time and work to really get them as clean as possible. I am very pleased with Loudoun Carpet Care and will use them again for the next cleaning.
B Garin
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