Wood Floor Buffing
Return the Luster and Beauty to Your Hardwood Floors

Proper hardwood care adds life to your flooring. Wood is designed to last for decades when properly cared for, cleaned and polished. The polishing process, also called buffing, removes minor scratches or scuffs and gives your floor a lustrous shine that can last for years.

Although the basic process of buffing a floor is simple, it is a time-consuming process that involves a deep cleaning and professional buffing equipment. We only use products that are specifically designed for your style and type of wood flooring and a safe, soft buffing pads that bring out the shine and beauty original to your floors.

Floors with a protective surface—like urethane or a clear coat—will benefit from being polished, but floors with penetrating finishes—like those rubbed with oil or unfinished—can be waxed but not polished. Our professionals can determine which kind of floor you have and recommend the right care.

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