Rug Cleaning
Personal Attention and Care for Your Rugs

Just like the carpet in your space, oriental and area rugs are subject to wear and dirt. Our in-plant cleaning services use only the safest and most environmentally friendly materials, so your rug can be enjoyed for years to come. Loudoun Carpet Care always adheres to manufacturer’s recommendations.

We offer personal attention and care for our rug cleaning customers. We want to hear about your rug, where you use it and how, so we can offer the best, most complete cleaning services available for years or enjoyment and maintenance. 

We also offer in-plant cleaning

We’ll pick up your rugs, clean them in our plant and bring them back to you when you’re ready for them. Many of our customers have us pick up their rugs when warm weather hits, clean them, and bring them back in the fall.


Need Your Rugs Cleaned?

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